Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform has a watertight security system guaranteed by Google herself. In fact we built our platform off of Google's robust and sturdy security tight platforms mix of recent technologies that  are guaranteed of-the-box for being hard to crack. Besides, no passwords, pin codes or any sensitive data are stored  in their native forms by us. They are all encrypted by the most recent encryption algorithms  and stored in the Google's secured servers.

We do not manage or keep any servers by ourselves. Our entire system is run live from Google's high security centres.

We can guarantee that our services are fast, reliable and secured. 

To get a passive income with us you need to do the following things

  1. Read and understand about our services by following the videos on our You-Tube channel, reading flyers and other documentations released about these services.
  2. Download and install EzySales in your phone then get registered on the platform.
  3. You can now start educating potential clients on the advantages their businesses will obtain when they carry out business using our platform
  4. When a client is convinced of the offerings, download and install the app for his/her role in his/her phone, link him to your sales account then show him how to use it to facilitate his life and business.  You are done,  just wait for him to carry out transactions on our platform for you to start earning money. You will earn 600 FCFA per transaction for his/her next 100 transactions or for a duration of two (02) years which one comes first cancels the other.
  5. The deal is to look for businesses or companies that have high volumes of freight (transaction) in your portfolio. You will easily make huge sums of money in passive income with no upfront financial investments and having taken no risks. Nothing to lose all to gain.

To be an EZYREP  you need to have access to internet frequently and have an office where truckers can easily get access to so you can confirm the authenticity of their truck documents like insurance policies, or technical road worthiness. The ideal profile would be owners of cyber cafes or even insurance distribution centres where the truckers get their insurance policies. The case of the insurance sales offices (points of sales) is the best because truckers will not have to move elsewhere after buying their insurance policies and the agent will be making extra income by validating a document he/she issued. This is an ideal opportunity for extra income given that it will be a one stop shop insurance plus validation, same could be true for the workers issuing the road worthiness papers.

Cyber cafes will be able to do same but truckers will have to locate them after buying the insurance policies and "visite technique".

The EZYREP is paid 1000 XAF per document validated.

Procedure: follow the instruction on our You-Tube channel  on EZYREP.

First to be an efficient sales agent in our platform you have to be able to

  1.   Download and install applications from Google play store
  2.  Understand all the various roles in the platform, i.e. businessmen or businesses or enterprises, the trucker or truck driver and the truck owner. Understand their problems and how they are solved in our platform
  3. Educate the client on how to use the app you will install in his/her phone
  4. You should be able to see the need to recruit businesses and/or businessmen who have high frequencies of freight movement needs and truck owners who have large numbers of trucks for your income to be high and frequent. 
  5. Also make sure you followup in the first few days to help them to be efficient in using the app to solve their problem. 
  6. You are done and are set for your passive income to come flooding your account every time they carryout business on our platform till their next 100 transactions each or for two (02) years, whichever comes first.
  7. No more efforts needed. The trick will be to try to get as many clients as possible from the beginning because when many people will understand how simple the system works and realise that it is not a risky business and that  little or no capital is need, the competition will be extremely high. So the earliest birds will eat the fattest worms.

Our platform is built with mobility and flexibility first approach of our cherished clients in mind.

We have partnered with a reputable and secure Fintech company called Wecashup which carries out mobile money transaction on all platforms in about 136 countries the world over. They accept and pay mobile into all MTN, Orange, EU mobile, Credit cards, and others.

 We take 12% commission per transaction from EzyOwners and 12% commission per transaction from EzyBiz, when the transaction is paid for at the time of the booking.

Companies and enterprises which will need to pay us at the end of the month after their freight has been carried. Their commission is 15%.

This will require the signing of a protocol of agreement between them and us

Most of your questions have been answered in the videos found in our You-Tube channel. So please just follow the link below and follow the procedures explained. You could stop the video from time to time, rewind and replay to make sure all is understood. In case after this you still have some doubts please we are very ready and eagerly waiting for your questions or complains in our contact us page. 

We hope you enjoy our Services.

Calling a trucker directly would inevitably take longer and will be more expensive for you in terms of time lost, business lost and money spent because the truckers know you are desperate so he will price you much higher while telling you how he is not sure of having freight for the return trip.

In our platform the competition pushes the bids low to the profit of our cherished clients that you are.

Allowing  our platform to provide you with the list of truckers that are available at that point in time in the given town who are ready to serve you, provides you with gain in time, gain in business  which means increased turnover, less stress, cheaper transport fare and increased flexibility,

EZYKARGO is offering you the convenience of shorter wait times, cost-effective freight delivery and an overall better user experience.

Trust is a capital issue in a platform like ours.

In that light we have taken unto us to know all our sales agents who carryout recruitment on our platform, they take the affiliations and authenticate all their clients.

We have guaranteed trust by having a review system in which truckers rate businesses and businesses rate truckers after each transaction. Our algorithm does not allow any actor (truckers or businesses) with an accumulated ratings of three stars and below to do business on our platform it makes them invisible in the system. So truckers or businesses with low unacceptable ratings as stipulated above will not feature at all in our platform. You can carryout your business quietly and in total tranquillity on our platform because we guarantee you no users with low ratings ever will be allowed on our platform.