Who is an EzyTrucker?

Truck drivers, pickup drivers and cargo drivers etc.

   You have a truck ready to help businesses carry their freight from one place to the other, but the truth is, hardly can you or anyone have ready information about the availability of all the goods or freight that are in town. In fact while you are at one end of the town spending days before you get a freight to transport or deliver, there are goods at the other end of town idling because the owners do not and cannot know all the available truckers at that given point in time. In this chaotic setup, you go without work while businesses lose business and turn-over, making all of you less productive, less efficient and your businesses less profitable.

If only  businesses had a way of knowing the available truckers in town each time they have goods to move,

If only truckers could know instantly about all the available freight or goods in town,

If  only you can be sure that on travelling to this destination or new town you will have goods for you return trip or will travel with full load,

If only you could know that the destination you are taking is less productive given the number and volume of freight available for it at that moment or date compared to those available for different destinations etc.

You would have been a better, more efficient and productive trucker and lived a more satisfying professional life where your cost of each  journey would be reduced and revenue increased.

 Today, EZYKARGO supplies you with all that information in real-time and helps you to focus only on your real job which is your  domain of competence permitting you to be more efficient and productive, thus increased revenue and growth in your business...

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Other services

EzyKargo offers services that cover at 360 degrees the transport and logistic difficulties encountered in the industry. Below are the other services...


We provide truck owners instant payment at each freight delivery, and the capacity to efficiently scale and manage their businesses resulting in increased revenue and less stress.


We make instantly available trusted truckers to businesses as need arises, saving the latter time, money and stress while rendering them more profitable and efficient.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform. Work once and get paid for your client's next 100 transactions.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform and validating customer information and document authentication.

EzyKargo m'a aidé à réduire mon délai d’attente qui était d'environ 2 semaines pour remplir mon camion. Maintenant chaque deux jours je voyage le camnion plein et mon voyage retour n'est plus vide. Avec ceci je me fais plus d'argent.

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EZYKARGO best practices

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