Who is an EzySales?

Anybody can be an EzySales.

Customer acquisition

We expect our sales agents to understand the functioning of the platform in its entirety, and how each component works and fits in the whole to give the innovative experience we are offering our clients. So  if your fit the profile, quickly register on our platform as a sales agent and instantly start recruiting and on-boarding clients, these clients are  linked to your account. You now get a commission on the next 100 transactions or for a period of two (02) year (whichever comes first) of each of your clients brought into the system. So it is in the interest of the sales agent to recruit those clients that carry out business transactions frequently so that their commissions can flow faster.

In this light videos will be put out both on this site in the videos section and in the you-tube channel of the enterprise explaining the the detail functioning of each component of the platform and how they work together to produce the required innovative user experience results.

The best profile to suit such a role will be university students on holidays,  jobless who can make it a full time job, or those people looking for a way to earn a sure substantial passive income with very little investment upfront.

Marketing Students on internship can meet us for accreditation and authorisation to carry out their internship with us, During their fieldwork they will be on-boarding clients and be building a passive income for themselves


Other services

EzyKargo offers services that cover at 360 degrees the transport and logistic difficulties encountered in the industry. Below are the other services...


We make freight instantly available and visible to all truckers, increasing their productivity and time efficiency resulting in increased revenue and less stress.


We make instantly available trusted truckers to businesses as need arises, saving the latter time, money and stress while rendering them more profitable and efficient.


We provide truck owners instant payment at each freight delivery, and the capacity to efficiently scale and manage their businesses resulting in increased revenue and less stress.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform and validating customer information and document authentication.

Grâce à EzyKargo, j'ai pu me faire un revenu passif en recruitant les clients (camionneurs et entreprises) et j'ai un revenu mensuel d'environ 30000FCFA pour seulement 23 clients que j'ai enregistrés jusqu'à présent.

Dika Rosine

Etudiante, EzySales

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