Who is an EzyRep?

Anyone with an office, a good internet connection and is a little tech savy.

Zonal representatives have the responsibility of validating the official documents of truckers, e.g. Road Worthiness permit and insurance policies so we can be sure that our drivers are duly insured and their trucks are road worthy, meanwhile we can use that information to keep the truckers informed about the expiry date of the documents quite on time to avoid embarrassments of truckers with surprised expired papers.

These too will receive a commission at the end of the month for the services rendered which will be a function of the number of such validated documents for the month.

The best profile for those who can play this role will be Cyber cafe owners since they are quite computer literate and already have a business dealing with the internet and can easily be accessible and are always on the spot. So truckers will not have a hard time locating them. But each one who want to be a EZYREP must have a signed contract with us indicating that we can count on their trustworthiness and confidentiality.


Other services

EzyKargo offers services that cover at 360 degrees the transport and logistic difficulties encountered in the industry. Below are the other services...


We make freight instantly available and visible to all truckers, increasing their productivity and time efficiency resulting in increased revenue and less stress.


We make instantly available trusted truckers to businesses as need arises, saving the latter time, money and stress while rendering them more profitable and efficient.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform. Work once and get paid for your client's next 100 transactions.


We provide truck owners instant payment at each freight delivery, and the capacity to efficiently scale and manage their businesses resulting in increased revenue and less stress.

Mbom, EzyKargo a augmenté ma recette mensuel. J'adore le faire vu la facilite avec laquelle on valide les documents des camionneurs et de leurs camnions.

Eyango Sylvain

cyber cafe owner, EzyRep

We offer awesome services

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring.