Who is an EzyOwner?

Truck owners (rent or to truckers), transit companies etc

You have given your truck out to a truck driver and agreed on how he will be paying you. But the truth is that, this is not usually respected and they will come and tell you how it was difficult and they could not and did not have work and how they carried very little freight, how the return trip was empty, how thieves caught them and they lost all the money for the week or month, how….

Their claims could be legitimate but you can not prove it, so lack of trust steps in.

Besides when you have many of such trucks, managing them is a herculean task that gives headache and stress, you want to put someone to control each trucker  and the revenue but he too is inefficient and that is extra cost, and you can not leave your job to follow even just one let alone all your truckers at all times.

EZKARGO  has solutions to all of these problems.

Each time your trucker finishes a delivery you get paid instantly.

Put at your disposal is a management tool permitting you to  take complete control of your business increasing your efficiency and revenue, reducing stress installing trust between your and your trucker and giving you the capacity to easily scale your business to any level you want, something you could not dare to do before since the larger your fleet the more difficult it was to effectively manage both the trucks and truckers.

You have complete and easy access to all the transactions of each of your trucks instantly.

EzyKargo helps you focus on your other businesses while we manage your trucks and increase your revenue.


Other services

EzyKargo offers services that cover at 360 degrees the transport and logistic difficulties encountered in the industry. Below are the other services...


We make freight instantly available and visible to all truckers, increasing their productivity and time efficiency resulting in increased revenue and less stress.


We make instantly available trusted truckers to businesses as need arises, saving the latter time, money and stress while rendering them more profitable and efficient.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform. Work once and get paid for your client's next 100 transactions.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform and validating customer information and document authentication.

EzyKargo est fort massa, dès que mon camionneur livre les marchandises, je suis instantanément payé. Je ne stresse plus avec mes camions alors qu'avant je ne dormais pas. Ils m'aident à garder un œil sur tout, l'expiration imminente des documents de mes camions, les transactions effectuées et je sais où sont mes camions à chaque instant. Merci à toi EzyKargo grâce à toi, je gagne plus d'argent et je dors en paix

Tchatchouang Paul

Truck owner

EZYKARGO best practices

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