Who is an EzyBiz?

Companies, institutions or individuals moving goods around.

      Your business moves goods or freight in huge quantities regularly, and you have a big problem with getting trusted truckers or having your goods moved promptly or carried at reasonable costs, consequently freight delivery is very expensive, you lose business, your goods get bad, you lose turn-over, in short, you lose efficiency, productivity and profitability, just because the freight delivery and logistics system is chaotic, inefficient, archaic, and lacks visibility and real-time information sharing.

Well that is over, with the advent of EZYKARGO, all these problems are solved. Our online platform constitutes a vast network of trusted truckers and businesses constantly supplying information from one end of the freight delivery chain (businesses with freight) to the other (truckers looking for freight) permitting a very high level of fluidity of information.

The priority of our platform is efficient management and prompt dispatching of truckers where their services are needed and prompt response to the needs of businesses, at reasonable prices.

We take the hassle away for you to channel your energy, efforts and resources in growing your business, thus helping you to eliminate stress and rendering your business much more efficient, productive and profitable.


Other services

EzyKargo offers services that cover at 360 degrees the transport and logistic difficulties encountered in the industry. Below are the other services...


We provide truck owners instant payment at each freight delivery, and the capacity to efficiently scale and manage their businesses resulting in increased revenue and less stress.


We make freight instantly available and visible to all truckers, increasing their productivity and time efficiency resulting in increased revenue and less stress.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform. Work once and get paid for your client's next 100 transactions.


Consistent and long duration passive income from recruiting and on-boarding new clients on the platform and validating customer information and document authentication.

EzyKargo has helped my business solve the transport and logistics problems we used to have by: helping us get truckers fast, transport at reasonable costs and we no longer lose business with my goods stagnant waiting.

Kamdem Gregoire


EZYKARGO best practices

Want to understand how EZYKARGO functions and how to properly use our services?  Click on the button to the right to watch the videos on our You-Tube channel.